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Currently, the base prices for my custom chairs are $6800 for the Wind and Spirit Rockers, and $7200 for the Mountain Rockers, plus shipping costs.   Higher pricing can be incurred depending on the hardwood species chosen, particularly when ordering the exotic imported woods.  If I can drive to your location and home again in a day, I am more than willing to personally deliver your chair.
When I receive your 50% down payment, you will be notified regarding your status in my construction schedule.  You will then be notified when construction has started, and again when your chair is being prepared for shipping.  When I receive the balance of the chair price plus shipping costs, your chair will be immediately shipped or delivered.
Also, upon receipt of your down payment, I will ask you for, and instruct you in taking about ten physical measurements of your body.  Don't worry, circumference measurements are not necessary.  I only need a few length and height specifics to craft your chair for a precise anatomical fit.
Contact Me
Phone: 970 764 0083           email: dgorockers@gmail.com
I look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to serve you by hand crafting an heirloom quality, hardwood rocking chair you and  your family will enjoy for generations.
Doug Hunderman